YT Projects in Pandemonium

Absolute Panda Gaming

Gameplay without commentary...Check!

​Anime Reviews...Check!

​Streamed Gameplay with all sorts of random antics...Also Check!

Panda's Pearls

Guided Meditations...

Motivational quotes...

Inspirational vibes...

Take a moment to refocus and prepare to control the Pandemonium in your life.

Having trouble sleeping?

Need some white noise?

Maybe you're more of a Brown noise person?

Here you'll find all manner of sleep sounds and stories!

​Carpe Diem!

Absolute Pandemonium Podcast

A conversation of Blerdy Proportions! We cover topics from Anime fight matchups to the zoological impact of Cocaine Hippos and everything in between!​

You can also find us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts:

Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, Etc.

Check out our blog for commentary!

P.S. Chronicles

Looking for stories for the kids?

Stories to fall asleep to?

Stories for yourself?

Heck, you've got a long flight/drive and are looking for a good variation of tales for your listening pleasure.

Look no further!

Pandamora: Anime and Gaming Reviews and Suggestions

Looking for more anime to watch?

Needing info on an old or new game?

Pandamora provides brief informational tidbits about the plethora of anime and games from across the ages.

Pandemonium Vibes

From Chill Lofi beats to sleeping Binaural sounds... You'll find all manner of calming and relaxing audio to help you forget about your day!

Meditation in Pandemonium

Words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration.

Here you will find mantras for meditation, words of affirmation, and Motivational quotes to help you make it through your week!