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Science Fiction/Fantasy

Shaded Souls Book 1:

Shadows of the Soul

By Raymond Riddle

On the war-torn planet of Xibalba, Maria - queen of the Manticorian Armada - has swept across the land. For as long as anyone can remember, the planet has been separated to the land of the light - Angleu - and the land of perpetual darkness, Atrementia.

Now, Maria has found a glimmer of hope to conquer Atrementia. Creating a tear in the universe, she plans to bolster her forces from off-world. Little does she know that all she has strived to create may be coming undone.

Faced with moral dilemmas, familial obligations and arrogant distractions, a team is raised from the dregs of her actions. Romulus and Remus, twin werewolves and thought by many to be the last of their kind; Hisania Satiru Ripa, a satyr of blue gray skin; and Izanagi, a royal half-blood Elf.

The more the unlikely band learns about each other, the more they realize that their life is about to get complicated.

A riveting fantasy adventure, Shadows Of The Soul is the first book in the Shaded Souls series by Raymond Riddle.

Writing Implements

Dream Planner

By Raymond Riddle

Is life a dream? Or is my dream my life? The day you see no difference is the day you learn to live!

  • Dreams can be an insight into our innermost thoughts and feelings. Through recording and interpreting them we can expand our self-awareness and be guided by deep inner wisdom.

    Keeping a dream journal can help you better understand your dreams, and, by extension, yourself.

  • Size: 6" x 9" (15 x 23 Cm). Perfect size for keeping on bedside table and great for traveling.

  • Interior:

    -118 Pages of journal space
    -A mood tracker to chart how you were feeling before/after your dream.

    -Pages include space to put the date so you can easily keep track of recordings

A daily diary allows you the space to review your most important moments. From monitoring your mood to keeping track of books your enjoying, this journal contains all the space you'll need to track your feelings, activities, and desires.

  • Measures 6" x 9"

  • Makes a great journal or diary

  • Encourages free writing and journaling

  • Contains Mood, Reading, and Habit tracker!

  • Ideal stocking stuffer or white elephant gift!

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Gaming Guides

The Ultimate Gaming Guide: Fortnite Edition

Readers will learn how to master building and editing structures, improve their aim and accuracy, navigate the game's complex terrain, and make the best use of weapons and items. The guide also includes tips and tricks for surviving in the game's various environments, from the fast-paced Battle Royale mode to the more strategic Save the World mode.

With expert advice from experienced gamers, detailed maps, and easy-to-follow instructions, "The Ultimate Gaming Guide: Fortnite Edition" is the ultimate resource for any Fortnite enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will help you take your gameplay to the next level and dominate your opponents.

Masterclass eBooks

Mastering the art of public speaking eBook

Whether you're a student, professional, or entrepreneur, being able to communicate effectively is essential. This guide provides tips and techniques for delivering engaging and impactful speeches.

Contained are 7 chapters of detailed instructions on methods to bolster your Public Speaking arsenal!